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Case Studies


We know that every situation is different, so we ensure that everything we do is highly flexible and agile in order to create the very best solution possible.

One of the most exciting features about this science is how we have only just begun to scratch the surface with regards to the variety of ways we can help organisations. We always look to have face-to-face meetings as it really is the best environment for analysing and discussing how exactly we can help each firm. However a new potential use is suggested in nearly every meeting!

Below are examples we have been discussing with firms showing how our science and tools could be used. Some focus on the organisations's own efficiency, while others are more targeted towards helping the client:

Generic and/or targeted Enterprise Search


To be able to search quickly, easily and accurately across an entire enterprise is the aim of every single organisation,and currently we are discussing various uses, most notably as the Search box within a firm's existing intranet. Equally our Enterprise Search can be applied in a more targeted way, for example if you only wanted to search a ringed-off group of resources and files. Essentially if you have disparate and unmanaged data, and/or have lots of data you wish to make highly searchable and usable, this is the solution you need.

Management of multi-party collaboration and system/document integration 


Many organisations will often work with one or more partners or 3rd parties, but challenges arise when it comes to pooling, sharing and using the various information held by each party. We are developing simple and easy-to-use solutions that connects to each source of information held by each party and making it all searchable and useable under one single, simple platform. Case studies include businesses bringing together the information held by their panel firms, and Accountancy firms bringing together relevant parties on a particular project, such as the buyer, the seller, and themselves.

Classification and organisation of scattered and unmanaged internally-held data 


A huge problem for many firms is the amount of scattered, unmanaged and untagged internal data they have. Optimising both our outsourcing service SynAPPs Direct and SynAPPs Organise, we can lay a set of taxonomy rules over some or all of a company's data, interpret and understand each document, and then organise and tag it in the requested way. Furthermore we can highlight any work that has been replicated, and delete any documents that are no longer needed. Of course for firms who use SynAPPs Search there is no longer a need for tagging!

Knowledge retention when organisations merge 


When organisations merge there can be a huge lose of internal know-how, as essentially you have two firm's worth of files, documents and systems being "forced" together. Due to the sheer amount of data and/or the complexity of working all of those systems together, often vital knowledge and information is lost in the name of efficiency. We are showing to firms how our system can keep everything searchable and usable, no matter where or how it is stored, in an extremely easy and simple way.

Expert Search 


SynAPPs can create the most efficient way to link up colleagues and their specialities within an organisation. We are looking at creating databases that act as separate applications, or which can be applied internally with an existing intranet.

Processing old documents

Thanks to the way SynAPPs can read and understand scans and pdfs, it can be hugely beneficial to those organisations that have to work and keep active accounts on old documents. Rather than have someone do all the checking, reviewing and processing manually, we can speed up the process and increase the accuracy by automating much of this. 

News feed collection, organisation, and targeted distribution 


Many organisations rely on getting the most up-to-date information out to its employees, pertinent to each person's skill-set or responsibilities. Unfortunately many of those same organisations, including the largest, have slow and often manually-intensive processes of capturing news and information, processing each piece, and then passing it on to the relevant people. Essentially we are examining how, with our AI, we can funnel all of that scattered information through SynAPPs, which will in turn automatically direct each piece of information through to the most relevant person. Note that this could be applied to lots of processes which involves a level or manual reviewing. those files; one for the department, and a restricted one for the clients.

Key Data extraction from a high volume of documents 


Just as we have previously we can read, interpret, then extract key details from lots of documents. We can also organise them into subsets or groupings. 

Litigation support  / Initial e-disclosure 


SynAPPs can search lots of unstructured documents and files looking for a specific name faster and more accurately than anything else. Our system is more flexible, agile, and cost-effective than full e-disclosure solutions. It offers sophisticated, context-related searching, and allows you examine all forms of digital data. While we do not offer full e-disclosure, we are examining with two firms how we can help do much of the initial work, and how we can automate some of their processes.

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