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Search right across your firm in the smartest way. Think a targeted search engine just for you.

Our single search box connects to all of your sources of information internally and some externally, almost regardless of where and what format they're in, and allows you to search them simultaneously with an extremely high level of accuracy.

It is tailored to each individual user and we provide a suite of features to allow you to use what you have found in the most beneficial way – there is literally no quicker or more accurate way to find and use knowledge held within an organisation.

Aside for smarter generic search which in itself saves thousands of hours, accurate Enterprise Search can help in lots of other highly relevant ways too, whether it’s checking to see if there is any previous contact with a new client, or highlighting a senior colleague with expertise in a particular field.

It is very easy to install and use, and can be integrated seamlessly within your current infrastructure, with next to no impact on your IT team!



Extract know-how from managed and unmanaged data.

This is where we can extract requested information from a collection of knowledge.


It's the ability to read, interpret, understand, and then highlight key data from documents and make it usable.


What is read and deciding what knowledge needs to be extracted can be changed innumerable times.

Essentially it has the ability to review like a human would, but in a blink of an eye, and without the possibility of human error!


If you have a whole bank of data, for example thousands of documents, and need to understand them and perhaps extract certain information from them as a whole,  this is the perfect solution.



Quickly and efficiently check multiple versions/copies of the same document.

Aka “The Document Checker”! This is a highly targeted and accurate checking tool which reads and understands various versions of the same kind of document.


What kind of document to be checked and the rules it follows can be changed exponentially, and we can even highlight which areas are more important than others.


If there are any changes that need to be made we can notify the most relevant person in the most efficient way for each businesses.


It is easy to imagine how much time this would save – Monitor saves thousands of hours, frees up staff time for more interesting and constructive tasks, and negates the possibility of human error.



Organise and keep the best know-how, delete the rest.​

This is a fantastic way for organisations to stay on top of their data. Following pre-laid rules and commands, Organise can read read scattered, disorganised, unmanaged and/or untagged data, and organise it into desired groups and subsets.


It can also highlight all the documents that are out-of-date, not needed or have been replicated. Furthermore it can "tag" or label each document for future use and research.

We recently spoke to a business that had been going over 25 years, had merged 3 times, but had no system or rules in place for data storage. This meant that the business either couldn't find (or if it did it was after a long and laborious process) key business information that would bring serious reward. One of the benefits of going 25 years is the tacit knowledge and experience built up over that time - the easier it is to use and share, the better it is for the business. 


With Organise, issues like this can be mastered within hours and what was previously inefficiency suddenly becomes a competitive advantage.

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